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Hose Reels

Product code Type Operation
HRF1 Fixed Manual
HRF2 Fixed Automatic
HRS1 Swinging Manual
HRS2 Swinging Automatic
HRR1 Recessed Manual


Fire Hose


  • Approved to EN694
  • Can be used within -20c to 60c temperature range
  • Ideal for applications where long intervals can occur between use
Product code Diameter Length Standard
FH19/30 19mm 30m EN694
FH19/45 19mm 45m EN694
FH25/30 25mm 30m EN694


Hose Reel Accessories

Product code Description
Houseguide FHG1 Beaded Houseguide
Nozzle NJS19 19mm Jet Spray Nozzle
Nozzle NJS25 25mm Jet Spray Nozzle
Nozzle NPN19 19mm Pyrene Nylon Nozzle
Nozzle NPN25 25mm Pyrene Nylon Nozzle
Hose Connector FWC19 19mm Flexible Water Inlet Pipe
Hose Connector FWC25 25mm Flexible Water Inlet Pipe
Gate Valve BGV19 19mm Gate Valve
Gate Valve BGV25 25mm Gate Valve
Clip JUB1 22-30mm Jubilee Hose Clip
Clip JUB2 30-40mm Jubilee Hose Clip