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With our expertise and experience, we can ensure the system you get is ideal for whatever commercial or domestic applications you have in mind. If you are looking for a high profile system, we can deliver day/night bullet type cameras that provide good pictures even in low light. These systems are ideal as they act as a visible deterrent in addition to effectively identifying a determined intruder.

We also provide a wide selection of covert cameras which are perfect for more unobtrusive uses. Despite their small size they are able to record quality pictures.

For high security sites we can provide fully functional domes, ideal for internal and external use. These cameras are ideal for any premises with on site security guards or remotely connected to a 24hr monitoring station.

Many local authorities require that certain types of business premises, especially those that open late into the evening, have an operating camera system with digital recording facility as either a term of their licensing agreement or by law. Pubs, clubs, restaurants and similar businesses are finding that they are being required to fulfil more and more different requirements and the presence of a working CCTV system is an ever increasing license rule for these types of premises.