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Fire Risk Assessment

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To comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 it is a legal requirement to conduct a fire risk assessment.

Owners, Directors and Managing Agents could face imprisonment and/or personal prosecutions as a consequence of non-compliance. You are also at risk of invalidating your insurance cover.

Fire Safety Assessment

Our professional consultants are  experienced in the conducting of a fire risk assessment in a wide range of premises including: football clubs, theme parks, shopping centres, large industrial and commercial complexes, offices, factories, hospitals, care homes, schools, residential blocks of flats and shops.



The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that all employers carry out a Fire Risk Assessment of their premises. If there are more than five employees the results of the Fire Risk Assessment must be recorded in writing and kept available on the premises.

Fire Certificates are no longer in force, and current legislation requires that the Fire Risk Assessment is completed by a person deemed to be competent.

“The Competent person or Fire Risk Assessor need not possess any specific academic qualifications but should:

1. Understand the relevant fire safety legislation;

2. Have appropriate education, training, knowledge and experience in the principles of fire safety;

3. Have an understanding of fire development and the behavior of people in fire;

4. Understand the fire hazards, fire risks and relevant factors associated with the occupants at special risk within the building of the type in question, and have appropriate training and/or experience in carrying out fire risk assessments.”

The assessments are carried out by professional fire consultants. Their experience often reveals hazards that have existed for many years but which could have led to serious problems had a fire occurred.

Neglect of fire safety measures that result in injury or death can in fact lead to imprisonment for those deemed to be ultimately responsible for fire safety in the work place.

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